More than 20 instructors tought at Tango Experience Tours such as: Osvaldo Zotto| Lorena Ermocida| Dana Frigoli| Pablo Villaraza| Moira Castellano| Roberto Herrera| Tamara Bisceglia| Ricardo Barrios| Laura Opieczonek| Valencia Batiuk | Horacio Godoy | Cecilia Garcia | Julio Balmaceda | Corina de la Rosa and more...


It's very simple. We want you to have fun, learn and enjoy Buenos Aires. There are no magic formulas, just being there for you!  


Tango is a living thing.  Milongas vary form year to year. Some traditional ones are still going on. We will visit 8 milongas during the Tour. All of them are different so you will experience different atmospheres. 


Note: Milonga entrances AREN'T included

The Tour

  • Pick up at the Airport

  • To all Milongas

  • Excursion Day

  • Drop at the Airport

  • The day at the Farm has an extra cost of U$S70.00 per person



  • 15 hours of Tango Lessons either Tango / Milonga / Vals

  • 4 hours of Private Practica

  • 1 Private Lesson with your own Taxi Dancer or Partner


20 hours in Lessons.


For an extra cost we provide professional Taxi Dancers who will asist you during the whole tour. The service includes.

  • 20 hours of Lessons

  • 2 hours at the Milongas for 9 nights

  • Milonga entrance is INCLUDED

  • Drinks for the Taxi dancers are NOT included.

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