What is the difference between this Tour and others?


TANGO EXPERIENCE is limited to a maximum of 20 people maximum per class. This tour is not for everyone; it is for people who are really interested in having fun, and trying to improve their dance skills


Is it possible to take more private lessons?

Yes, absolutely. Not only the teachers hired for the tour are available for private lessons, but also the Taxi Dancers are available to teach privatesl


What is the benefit of hiring a Taxi Dancer?

On the Tour we separate the Lessons from the Milongas. TANGO EXPERIENCE works with couples during the lessons, and student/dancer MUST HAVE A PARTNER for every lesson. This partner may already be part of the tour but if each person does not have a partner, a Dance Host will be hired. At the Milongas it is different. For a man without a partner, it is a little bit easier to go to the Milongas because the rules are that the man is the one who invites the woman to dance. For a woman may be a bit more difficult, because there are times nobody may ask them to dance because, at the Milongas in Buenos Aires, the men have to see you dance first, before they will ask you to dance. Therefore, a dance host for the lessons is a MUST (IF YOU ARE TRAVELLING SINGLE), for the Milongas, a dance host is more important for a female.


IS Buenos Aires a scure City?

Buenos Aires is like every other large city in the world. All the places we are going are very secure. Also you are traveling with me, and I have lived there for 30 years. (Trust me I know Buenos Aires)



Can I use credit cards and debit cards in BA?

Yes, absolutely! But for the last couple of years the Argentine peso has been suffering a lot against the Dollar, so sometime it is difficult to withraw money from your bank accoun in your own country. We strongly suggest you come with CASH