Open Letter from Oliver Kolker (Tango Experience)

The idea of joining a tour, in this case a “Tango Tour” to Buenos Aires, Argentina might sound a little too organized at times. This may be one’s (or your) first reaction: the feeling of “we are prisoners of the tour guide” is very common among those who never join tours.

On the other hand Tango Festivals, most of the time, are very crowded and the information given to the students is sometimes insufficient.  A Festival is the perfect scene at which to meet new dancers and people.  It’s also a great way to approach  new tendencies and concepts, after which your job is to keep practicing the new material.

At Tango Festival classes there is usually not enough time to answer the many questions that arise and, at the same time there is a big Mixed Level, meaning advanced dancer sharing the lesson with a first day dancer.
Don’t take me wrong I love attending Tango Festivals; Festivals are the main arena at which I, as dancer and instructor, work. Thanks to Tango Festivals, Tango has exploded all over the globe.

The Tango Experience Tour is a much more intimate and personal adventure.  You share the class with no more than 20 people. The teachers have more time to dedicate to you, therefore the explanations tend to be are more precise; the learning aspect is much more powerful.
Visiting Buenos Aires as a tango aficionado is like any person who studies kung fu visiting China and attending a Shoaling Temple. Or like a baseball player from countries other than the US visiting  a baseball camp at Yankee Stadium.
If you are traveling alone, Tango Experience condition is you to hire a partner or Taxi Dancer. This advantage is awesome. Our taxi dancers are not only great dancers but also teachers, will understand the concepts being taught at the lessons.  Therefore, you will not spend all your time dancing with a beginner. Tango Experience takes care of the search to find each attendee the perfect partner for the whole tour.
The studio is located few blocks from the Hotel so that once your lesson is finished you can walk peacefully to you hotel to rest if you feel like it.  There are times Tango Experience hires instructors who prefer  to teach at their own studio. In this case, roundtrip transportation is provided from the hotel to the studio.

Attending the “Milonga” is such a powerful experience for those who come to Buenos Aires for the first time. Everything is authentic: the tables, the smell, the dance floor, the people, the milongueros, the waiters, the codes, the shoes, the heat, the sweat. We always have a table reserved exclusively for our group.
The instructors are always top of the line. Extremely trained and, most of the time, very well known all over the world. Tango Experience is honored to have worked with teachers such as: Osvaldo Zotto y Lorena Hermocida, Roberto Herrera y Tamara Bisceglia, Pablo Villarasa y Dana Frigoli, Claudio Gonzalez y Melina Brufman, Horacio Godoy y Cecila Garcia, Guillermo Cerneaz y Paula Rampini, Anita Monteagudo,  Ricardo Barrios y Maria Laura Melo, Mariano Galeano y Paula Rubin, Bruno Tombari y Maria Angeles Camano, Gaston Torelli y Mariela Samethbag, Valencia Batiuk,  Moira Castellano.
To attend a Tango dinner show in Buenos Aires is another breathtaking experience,  Not only because of the tango show itself,  but also because these are the places where tango dancers are many times discovered. In addition, the food is always excellent and wine and beverages are always taking care of.
If you are a person who likes to explore, Tango Experience does not hold you back. We will give you all the information needed in order to visit whatever places you’d like and, if possible, we will make things happened for you. One dancer on our last tour wanted to ride a bicycle for two hour at a Professional Road Biking venue. We made it happen!

One more thing, yes!!!!!  SHOES!!!!!!!


We can tell you were to buy them but I am sure most of you have the address to of Comme Il Faut, Tango Leike, Tango Brujo, Fatomano, Flabella. Anyhow we can organize a visit to Comme il Faut if you’d like.
There are many reasons for you not to join a tango tour but I believe I have given you a lot of reasons to join ours, a tour where you can discover the roots of the beautiful dance and art form  you have chosen to learn and appreciate.
Our arms are open to embrace you!
As in Tango.


Oliver Kolker
Tango Experience Inc.