I understand that Oliver Kolker and and its associated agents (hereinafter the facilitators), are not travel agents and act only as liaisons between me and contractors providing transportation or other services, and all tickets offered or provided are issued subject to any and all terms and conditions under such means of transportation or other services.

The issuance or acceptance of such tickets shall be deemed to be consent to the further condition the Facilitators shall not become liable or responsible in any way in connection with such means of transportation, excursions, accommodations or other services, for any loss, injury, or damage to, or in respect of any person or property howsoever caused or arising.

I understand that although the owners or contractors providing air transportation or other services will take all possible care of my baggage or belongings entrusted to their care, that the Facilitators do not in any way have responsibility in the event of a loss or injury there to.

I agree to carry my own health insurance, and that the Facilitators will in no way be held responsible for any injury, sickness, death or the aggravation of any pre-existing condition I may experience while on, or after returning from the trip.

I understand that my balance due payment must be on time, postmarked by due date stated on this reverse side of registration form for the desired tour, or I will be assessed a $200.00 late fee. Facilitators cannot guarantee reservation due to late payment, and may result in the cancellation of my trip and loss of substantial monies that I have paid. 

In the event that I wish to cancel my participation in the trip, I understand that if I notify the Facilitators of my intention to do so before 1st of August  2017, I will receive a refund of all monies paid. In case of notification after  August 1st  2017 I will lose all the monies that have been paid to airline, hotel, and ground transportation companies on my behalf.

I understand the Facilitators may choose to cancel the trip, and if so, all monies that I have paid will be returned to me. Terms and Conditions

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